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TIGER Auto Post

Created: 08/03/2016
By: Tien Pham
Email: tienpham1606@gmail.com Skype: tienpham1606

Thank you for purchasing my application. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Config Database
  2. Config Cron Job
  3. User Admin

A) Configure Database - top

HTML Structure

CONFIG DATABASE: atabase configuration for the application. after configured, started to import the database in the "database" called "cozola_post.sql" in the source download.

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); //Your HOST, default is "localhost"
define('DB_USER', 'xxxxxx');    //Your MySQL username
define('DB_PASS', 'xxxxxx');    //Your MySQL password
define('DB_NAME', 'xxxxxx');    //The name of the database

Guide Install:

Guide Using:

B) Config Cron Job - top

URL CRON JOB: http://yourwebsite.com/index.php/cronjob
Console: * * * * * wget http://yourwebsite.com/index.php/cronjob

C) User Admin (default) - top

Username and password default login to admin Cpanel.
Username: admin
Password: 123456

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

Tien Pham

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